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WeatherLink is developed by Davis Instuments Corp.
The Vantage Vue weather station is supported in this software version.
Fixes USB driver dropout issue. If a dropout is detected the driver is reloaded and a remark is added to the log file.
“Expansion_Modules” folder will now be created automatically regardless of whether you have installed any expansion modules.
Wind Direction calibration can now be done via software.
Informational dialog boxes are suppressed when WeatherLink is minimized; if a screen saver has been activated or if the Bulletin, Strip charts and Plot, are running.
Added the ability to set the units that the console displays as well as what the software displays.
“Readme.wri” has been converted to “Readme.rtf” file.
Web download Password may contain special characters. These characters include: “!”, “*”, “\”, “(“, “)”, “;”, “@”, “&”, “=”, “+”, “$”,”,”, “/”, “?”, “%”, “#”, “[“, “]”.
Web download time out has been lengthened from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
“Show indoor data only” mode is available for any Vantage console. This mode mimics the software interface for a Perception weather station and includes EMC and Air Density.
Upon entering the “Set Transceiver” screen, the software will check for model mismatch between hardware and software configuration.
Right clicking in the Bulletin now opens the Summary screen.
Now stations that are stored outside the WeatherLink directory can be renamed
Fixed the bug that causes the software, when using a dial-up modem connection, to dial the modem when you exit the software.
Fixed a bug that displayed, in the Sunrise/Sunset report, 60 minutes instead of the following hour. E.g. 5:60a will now read 6:00a
Wind Run nautical mile unit now displays as “n mi” instead of “knots”.

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    Dave Risley Last month

    This is great software for easy administration of your weather station and publishing to a website and to CWOP. Been using it for years without any issue.


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